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Book Blog?

Updated: Jan 23

I had a personal website for a while on WordPress, which I ignored, but didn't delete. Now that Marco Polo Mother & Son is coming out, I convinced myself that I should bring the website back from the dead and put some effort into keeping it fresh. So I switched from WordPress to Wix and picked a template for a creative project . That's when I noticed the blog. At first, I wanted to delete it, but then I decided to think about it. What is a blog, anyway? Back in the early days of the internet there were web-logs, which became blogs. So a blog is a "log" written on the web. My next thought was to ask the internet, "what kind of writing is a log"? And this is what it told me: "a log is a written record of something. For example, ship captains keep logs, as do explorers and travelers." Fine, I thought, I can give that a try.

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